custom nba city jerseys

The NBA City Edition uniforms are an outlet for all 30 teams to pay tribute to their respective local surroundings, whether it be the scenery, the landmarks, the influences and/or the culture. The City unis are also often a way to get teams to think creatively and offer some outside-of-the-box branding ideas. 

  • NBA releases Earned jerseys for 16 teams
    As mentioned in the pre-season article , this season the NBA will produce the fifth jersey besides the Association, Icon, Statement and City jerseys for the 16 teams that entered the playoffs last season-Earned, As a relief to the hard work of these 16 teams, they “earned” a new jersey. Earned jerseys are officially published in multiple US media today. […]
  • Carter retires leaving two questions: Can he enter the Hall of Fame? Which team will retire his jersey
    Carter retires leaving two questions: Can he enter the Hall of Fame? Which team will retire his jersey Carter was the No. 5 show in 1998. He broke the NBA history record in 22 seasons in his career. He scored a total of 25,728 points in his career, was selected to the All-Star team eight times, […]
  • 8 teams across 4 generations! Which team will Carter jersey retire? He already gave the answer
    “I officially ended my basketball career.” Last night, when people were discussing the NBA rematch, Carter wrote such a sentence on his social, although it is very simple but very emotional. No exchange of jerseys like Wade, no miracle of the last game like Kobe, Carter retired like this, like the end of his career, away […]
  • UFO landing! 43-year-old Carter announced his retirement and won the All-Star ticket in his 22-year career
    On June 25th, today, 43-year-old Hawks player Vince Carter announced his retirement on social media, ending his 22-year NBA career. Carter announced on social media: “I officially ended my basketball career.” Eagle’s official Twitter post: “Official announcement, the veteran has retired. Congratulations to Carter for completing such a phenomenal career.” Carter was selected as the […]
  • 2019-20 season NBA urban jersey again launched
    The launch of the NBA urban jersey has arrived in the third season. By exploring the history and cultural characteristics of local basketball as the representative basis, the uniqueness of each city is incorporated into the design details. Each urban jersey reflects The team’s geographical features and urban culture. Atlanta Hawks jersey The design of […]